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Infidelity Counselling Singapore

Infidelity is an emotional/physical intimacy secretly diverted from the primary relationship, a betrayal of partner’s trust, and it can cause a threat and damaged to the security of the relationship .

Affairs are destructive. The betrayal, hurt and deception from affairs always cause a deep, lasting damage to the relationship.

Affairs come to light in different ways. Sometimes the discovery comes out of the blue, blindsiding what was seemingly a happy relationship or perhaps the other partner who is suspicious has done some detective work. Each partner will feel betrayed, hurt, and angry. Both partners are overwhelmed and confused. Unfaithful partners often want help in ending affairs yet avoid treatment for fear that discovery could exacerbate relational conflict and dissatisfaction and possibly precipitate a divorce.

Types of Affairs

  • Physical Affairs-ranging from kissing to full sexual encounters
  • Emotional Affairs-Where physical lines may not have been crossed but a partner’s emotional involvement with someone else can be equally or even more devastating than sexual infidelity.
  • Online Affairs-Technology is becoming a catalyst or a means of being unfaithful.¬† Facebook often puts people back in touch with old flames or missed opportunities that eventuate into inappropriate contact.

Marriage and relationship counselling can help you process these difficult, intense emotions so that you can begin to understand things more clearly .It takes time to work through the initial shock. For some people the damage is so severe that the relationship is over and divorce is imminent. For others, the relationship is not over, but questions need to be answered and understanding needs to be gained so that you can work out if and how you can continue together.

Individual therapy can help if you find yourself in an affair and you want to make sense of how it happened and work out what to do. Work through the intense feelings that arise and identify why and how it happened.

Learn skills to address any underlying problems that contributed to the affair.

Rebuild trust or learn how to have a relationship where mistrust  is not an issue. It is a difficult task to recover from an affair alone. We can help.

One of the ways we approach infidelity is to consider the many dimensions of an intimacy transgression and the specific treatment required for each dimension. We offer an operational depiction of infidelity that will aid in evaluating the exact nature of transgression and developing a unique treatment plan for each presentation.