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Couple counselling

My work focuses on healing and empowering each individual/couple, to be able to love and act freely, in a manner that is truly authentic to them. In life and in love.Couple therapy can help your Relationship improve,grow and become self Sustaining

Family Of Origin

Family of Origin work is the process of removing the obstacles that block you emotionally or in your relationships, by healing family or other wounds of the past......

infidelity , affairs and couple counselling


Emotional/physical intimacy secretly diverted from the primary relationship, a betrayal of partner’s trust, and it can cause a threat and damaged to the security of the relationship .

In-law issues and couple counselling

In-law issues

When you were dating, your relationship with your in-laws wasn’t such a big issue, but now that you are married ,suddenly the in-laws are a constant source of stress.....

Partner with mental illness

A partner with mental illness can be challenging in a couples relationship. The stress can often reach a crisis level...

Infertility issues

Many couples struggle to maintain a sense of balance when so much is focused on the success or failure of various treatments. Both infertility and its treatment may bring about feelings of fear and anxiety.


Neurodiverse Counselling & coaching

As a masters level special educator specializing in autism spectrum disorders, I am able to effectively help Neurodiverse Couples to identify root cause of issues through a neurological lens. Understand meltdowns in one or both partners and help them cope and manage....

Discernment Counselling

The goal is to provide greater clarity and confidence for the direction of the marriage or relationship......