Couple Counselling | Singapore


Many couples struggle to maintain a sense of balance when so much is focused on the success or failure of various treatments. Both infertility and its treatment may bring about feelings of fear and anxiety.

Counselling for Coping with Infertility Issues

During fertility therapy, I facilitate an empathic, compassionate and non-judgmental space where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself openly and genuinely. I provide individual and couples infertility counseling to help you make sense out of changes in or new discoveries about your reproductive health and feel empowered to take control of your body and overall wellness. By learning to manage stress, doubts and troubling physical symptoms, you can develop a sense of balance and control of your life.

Rather than struggling to conceive, or issues around fertility, it may be that you do not want to have a child, or you want to have a child, but you aren’t ready just yet. At the same time, you may feel as though you are coping with the expectations of partners, family or friends and this feelings can cause you anxiety and stress. Issues around areas such as:

  • My partner keeps saying ‘I want to start a family’ but I’m not ready
  • My parents keep asking me when they will become grandparents?
  • My friends are all having children and I feel that they expect me too 
  • I want a baby, but my partner keeps saying they aren’t ready yet

Struggling to conceive can leave one or both partners with feelings of inadequacy, failure, sadness and at times, depression. IVF and fertility counselling can help address these emotions to improve health and wellbeing on an individual, couple and family level.

Whether you and your partner have just found out you will not be able to conceive, are struggling to recover from a miscarriage or are going through the process of starting a family through IVF, adoption or other means, fertility counselling can help. The emotional rollercoaster of fertility issues can be extremely complex and many people withdraw and isolate themselves when they are unsure of how to navigate or comprehend their emotions. We understand that fertility is a personal, intimate issue and something many people find hard to discuss or come to terms with. It might be challenging to ask for support. IVF and fertility counselling can provide you with the tools to manage the process and understand your emotions. Many couples do not know where to turn or how to escape the anxiety and overwhelming emotional cycle, but IVF and fertility counselling can work in preparation for and parallel to your IVF treatment. The emotional support of fertility counselling can help couples to find balance and establish a healthy foundation on which to build their relationship and family.

Stress and the emotional wellbeing of the mother (or mother to be) is widely considered to impact the success of IVF or fertility treatment. In fact, studies by the University of California highlight that continued or chronic stress reduces fertility because it activates the hormone called the gonadotrophin inhibitor.