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Relationship and Couple Counselling

Couple counselling Singapore

Relationship counselling is effective for couples who are in significant distress, on the verge of separation, or who have been experiencing problems for a long time, teaching you how to effectively communicate, solve problems together, understand what your shared values and interests are and how to accept and make room for differences.

All Relationships Require Work and Commitment

Relationships are built up of unique individuals with different backgrounds, personalities and communication styles. Occasional disagreement and frustrations are inevitable. Add to that the stress of balancing work responsibilities, personal hobbies, social and family obligations and everything else that makes up a person’s life, and it’s no wonder that couples sometimes drift apart, experience tension or face other relationship problems. In truth, however, no relationship is perfect and there is hope to reconnect with your partner and build a supportive, trusting relationship. In couple therapy sessions, you and your partner will be provided with a safe, supportive and compassionate space to work on your relationship.

Couple Therapy Can Bring You and Your Partner Together

Help you deal with a crisis, a challenging transition, seeking to make changes around troublesome behaviours or just looking to improve an already good relationship, Will work with couples of different backgrounds and stages to be more aware of and connected to each other’s emotions. Regain individuality within the relationship. Improve communication, listening skills and overcome issues around extended family/in-law conflicts, emotionally cold and disconnected partner. Using research proven techniques to help a depressed partner, waning chemistry, constant blame, inability to commit and to forgive as well as discrepancies in values, interests and lifestyles.

Couples Therapy

Healthy romantic relationships can be the greatest source of support and satisfaction, while unhealthy partnerships, marriages and divorces can result in high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, financial strain and heartbreak.

Avoidance of addressing issues in the hopes that they will go away. A related pitfall is assuming that your partner knows, or should know, how you are feeling and what you want. Avoidance can be driven by fear of conflict, difficulty dealing with your own or other negative emotions, fear of alienating your partner, lack of assertiveness, or difficulty  identifying and expressing the underlying problem. In the long run, avoidance leaves legitimate problems unaddressed, often causing them to grow more problematic and entrenched over time. It can also lead to passive aggressive behaviour, confusion, misunderstanding and resentment.

A demand/withdrawal pattern, where one partner attempts to get their needs met by instructing their partner to change, while the other partner reacts by switching off or shutting down.The more one withdraws, the more the other demands, in an ever escalating spiral that drives the couple further apart.

In a fast paced current lifestyles, with family and work commitments, it can be hard for couples to find the time to nurture their relationship and it is not uncommon for partners to find themselves feeling more distant and lonely in the relationship.Couple therapy can help you to re-establish your connection and bond to one another, so that your relationship is a source of support and wellbeing.