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couple therapy services Singapore
  • Do you find yourself walking on egg shells with your partner?
  • Frustrated in not knowing how to repair your relationship?
  • Has an affair come between you and your partner and you are wondering how you can ever trust your partner again?
couple therapy services Singapore

Couple Therapy FAQ

Are you or your partner troubled by any of the following?

If you are repeating patterns that you know aren't what you really want, those are among the many things we can productively address. Whether you've never had a single session of psychotherapy or you have tried many different methods. If you are ready for change, I am committed to helping you achieving it.

Infidelity is unfaithfulness in a marriage or relationship. It can severly strained a relationship and leave the other person feeling devastated, alone, betrayed and confused. Infidelity counselling, you and your partner can work together to address the causes and consequences of the betrayal, reestablish trust and restore love and safety in your relationship.

Relationship Diffculties:
You have drifted apart to the point there's little intimacy and you are virtually living seperate lives.

One or both of you have a specific problem, such as fear of intercourse, erection difficulties or premature ejaculation. Or your differing sexual needs/desires are causing conflict and undermining your relationship.

Uncoupling- Turning Point in Intimate Relationship
Not all relationships last. In and during our work with couples. We do helped couples go through the process of seperation. This can be a painful progression if one person does not want the relationship to end. The goal is to work towards a civil and respectful parting and honour each person's perspective.

Are you facing boredom in your relationship, sexual or emotional?

Breakthrough frustrating impassses, stop useless arguments, bridge communication gaps and create a more loving relationship. Giving couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, understand your partner and yourself better.

Are you having difficulty becoming pregant or has infertility shattered your dreams of having a family together?

Life transition:
New parenthood, seperation/divorce or other major changes in your life